Echo SRM-4510U Brushcutter


The ECHO SRM-4510/U is light weight and well balanced, yet offers extreme power due to its heavy duty 45.7cm³ engine. Ideal for heavy brush and long and thick grass. Choose between nylon line or an ECHO blade to maximise your efficiency. The felt type main air filter provides longer service intervals.


U handle brushcutters, when connected to an ECHO harness, offer greatly improved comfort by supporting the unit’s weight and providing a consistent range of movement.

Depending on the job at hand choose from a quick loading nylon line trimmer head or for the clearing of shrubs, reeds or branches, an ECHO blade attachment.

The 45.7cm³ professional grade engine that powers the SRM-4510/U, like all ECHO engines, is manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards. It offers exceptional power, durability and dependability.


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