The DT22 is a truly robust dethatcher, designed for tough, professional jobs under extended periods. Compact design, powerful engine and the unique option of using it as a sowing machine make the DT22 virtually indispensible for lawn care companies etc. Can be fitted with three different types of cutting equipment, and with a collector as well. Ideal for contractors, rental companies and other professional applications.

Blade roller with four rows of free-hanging flail blades (52 in all) of case-hardened steel. Using centrifugal force they beat moss and thatch out of the surface layer of the lawn. This design provides excellent thatch removal and has pro

Blade roller with 20 vertical, fixed blades of austempered steel, angled at 28°. Cuts off superficial, lateral-growing roots and opens up the surface layer so that oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate more efficiently. Used in co

Roller with 52 spring teeth that efficiently but gently get rid of moss and thatch in the surface layer of sensitive grass areas, especially ones that require a high level of maintenance. In additon, individual spring tines can be quickly