Powerful rear-tine tiller for home and landowners. Highly effective for work on densely packed earth and older lawns. Large wheels with chevron tyres and counter-rotating tines provide superior access and broken up soil. Chain drive on rotors and wheels, plus reverse gear. Handlebar height is adjustable for ergonomic operation.

RRP incl VAT - R17999.00

Specifications 960 91 00-16


Engine manufacturer Subaru
Engine type OHC
Engine name EX17
Cylinder displacement 169cm3 / 10.3cu.inch
Net power at preset rpm 3.2kW @ 3600rpm
Fuel tank volume 3.4lit / 0.9gal.
Rotational speed 190rpm


Transmission type Chain/Manual
Transmission steps forward 1
Transmission steps reverse 1


Cultivator type Rear-tine
Number of tines 4
Tine diameter 305mm / 12"
Working width 43cm / 17"
Working depth 15cm / 6"
Depth adjustment steps 7


Reverse gearbox Included
Driven wheels Included
Chevron tyres Included


Tyre size 406mm / 16"
Weight 90kg / 200lbs


  • Two gears
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Driven wheels with chevron tires
  • Counterweight


•Robin-Subaru(EX17) 169cc •Working width 43cm •Working depth 15cm •90kg