A robust, extremely solid tow-behind aerator for extended periods of professional use. The TA36 allows efficient aeration of large lawns, with a productivity of up to 10,000 sq. m. per hour. Because the hollow tines are independent of each other, it’s possible to make sharp turns without damaging the grass. An ideal professional product for contractors, local government, sports facilities as well as the rental business. DISCONTINUED FOR EUROPE!!


Specifications - 540 00 00-73


Aerating pattern 112x152mm / 4.4x6"
Working depth 7.6cm / 3"
Aerating width 92cm / 36"
Working depth adjustment Crank
Number of tines 40
Free-wheel design Included
Detachable weights 5 containers 86-210kg


Tyre size, rear 3x10"
Base machine, length 149cm / 58.66"
Base machine, width 142cm / 55.91"
Base machine, height 94cm / 37.01"
Weight 86kg / 190lbs


  • Independent tine rotors
  • Detachable weights
  • Side wheels
  • Robust design
  • Commercial components


•Towable Aerator •Working width 92cm / 36" •Working depth 7.6cm •40 tines •Productivity 10 000m2/h •86kg